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Zeno X redefines what customizing your vehicle can be in the meta-era.

Fully customize your ride from rims, tires, bodykits, wraps, tints, and so much more.
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The aftermarket is evolving,  and we are all for it.

400+ Vehicles
20-30 new specific vehicles available upon request
1000+ Vinyls
Choose from all the top brands in the industry. Official partners with Avery, PWF, 3M, KPMF, Hexis, Inozetek, APA, and more!
250+ Rims & Tires
Choose from our growing list of top rim manufacturers.
Select from hundreds of additional body parts to customize your vehicle.
Design Studio
20-30 new specific vehicles available upon request
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No boundaries on innovation

Accelerate Sales Processes
Faster revisions, faster responses and keep your client involved and engaged. Communicate with your client anywhere, anytime.
Operational Efficiency Tool
Increase productivity and automate communication internally with our multipurpose renderings, Spec sheets, and to-scale file exports.
Lead Generation Tool
Go "Fishing with Zeno" and connect with current or new customers by streaming your session or sending a render with our seamless features!
Add Revenue Streams
Take advantage of our asset creator with the Rendering Hub to sell or help sell products, Expand your offerings with new upsell opportunities

Word on the Streets

xix3D helps get my designs in my head onto the car. Best way to show clients what they are getting before its a finished product. Great selling tool and fun to play with as well. 🤙🏽
Dallas, TX | Orange County, CA
Running a professional vehicle wrap shop has its challenges, one of them is taking the client through the creative process and asking them to have faith and to visualize in their mind what their new wrap will look like. Zeno bridges this gap, providing our customers with an in-depth preview of their new vehicle wrap through an interactive, fun and collaborative approach to vehicle wrap design and color selection.

A 3D realistic model in an immersive environment with all the tools at their fingertips to custom create their dream car far outweighs a 2D templated presentation. Our clients are sold on the experience alone!
Michael @ Auto Artisan
Sydney, Australia
Where to begin... xix3D's software, has completely revolutionized how we conduct business. As a custom vinyl wrap studio in Silicon Valley, we try to provide clients with cutting edge, custom enhancements to their vehicles.  

This software allows us to place the client into virtual reality, customize their vehicle in real - time, and is worth its weight in gold. We highly recommend both this software and the company that made it.
SS Andrew @ SS Customs
California, USA
Zeno turns the process of customizing a vehicle into an interactive fun experience that eliminates the guess work while opening up new doors of possibilities. Between the graphics of the system and the Virtual Reality option, our clients are able to feel as if their vehicle is already before just the way they envisioned it. The system has easily paid for itself and ultimately added value to our process and brand as a whole.

Thank you, xix3D Team!
@ Exotic Vehicle Wraps
Washington D.C., USA

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